Kanambambili ongakhetha isu 90 - Kanambambili ongakhetha

Kanambambili ongakhetha isu 90. It is a Lightweight, Aluminum, 1- Pallet Position Air- Mobile Container for.

AAR' s Specialty ISU® 90EO 1- DOOR Weapons Room is designed without a center wall to accommodate various weapons room configurations. Four- way forkliftable.

AAR' s Standard ISU® 90EO 1- DOOR is an end- opener with one door on one 88" side. The latest ISU® configuration, AAR' s Standard ISU® 90 FC ( Full Cube) 4- DOOR has no center wall to allow for storage and transport of larger items.

• Intermodal - transportable by air, land, sea or rail. • Stackable two- high when loaded with up to.

AAR' s Specialty ISU® 90 Laundry Unit contains four unitized washers/ dryers, two installed on each 108" side of an ISU® 90 4- door container. • Compatible with.